· March, 2014

Proposals Uganda from March, 2014

Uganda: Raising Voices for the Rural People

  March 29, 2014

Snow Rural Community Development is proposing to implement a project that will target the youth in Kasese district focusing on those that stay and live in the rural area by giving them skills and knowledge on how to capture stories, community needs, lessons and experiences of the rural people and share the information through the media by partnering with the local radio stations. The proposed project will support the rural unemployed youth to promote the right to communication and technology. After sharing the stories through the media it will be an opportunity for community development.

Uganda: Speak Up Against Violence

  March 28, 2014

Speak Up against Violence (SUV), is a women initiative project to be implemented by TICFASO Uganda a women CBO dully registered by ministry of internal affairs. Innovatively the project intends to employ social media mechanisms to amplify the voices of marginalized women affected by Gender Based Violence. The project will be implemented in partnership with six radio stations in Teso i.e TBS FM, Etop radio FM, Voice of Teso FM, Veritus radio FM, Joshou FM and Delta FM. The approach will involve training women on GBV social media model, radio talk shows, radio spot messages and social media

Uganda: Amplifying Voices of Former Cattle Rustlers

  March 26, 2014

This project aims to highlight the challenges that former cattle rustlers are facing following the forceful disarmament exercise that the Government of Uganda carried out in the remote Karamoja sub-region. Most of the youths locally known as ‘karacunas’ depended on cattle rustling as an economic activity but following the disarmament exercise the practice has been curtailed. However nothing is known about how they are now copying up with life having lost their part of livelihood ( cattle rustling). This project will equip them with skills to report issues that affect them in the social media

Uganda: The Mobile Photovoice Media for Communities

  March 25, 2014

The Mobile Photovoice Media is a flat form where issue of concern to the community can be publicized and discussions created. (Advertising works for product promoters), in the same way this project can be use to reach the community fast and cheaply. The Photovoice is for 10 people who are born and lived in this area, ignored by the community and their voices have never been heard are able to tell their stories through photos. They suffered the same fate as everyone during the Lord Resistance Army Wars in Northern Uganda. “I would love a photo of myself” that can tell my story!

Uganda: Raising Voices of Communities in Albertine Graben

  March 24, 2014

My proposed project aims at raising the voices of local communities in Block 1 (Exploration Area 1) of Uganda’s oil-rich Albertine Graben. We would like to mentor at least three youth citizen journalists from each of the nine sub-counties that border the block. Block 1, operated by French oil giant, Total, has 75 percent of the 3.5 billion barrels of oil discovered in Uganda. We would like to mentor them on a) how to collect vital information on community issues, concerns and grievances, b) how to use mobile internet and use mobile phones to disseminate such information to the local media, c)

Uganda: Rural Women and Youth Capacity Building project

  March 19, 2014

The Project aims at building the capacity of a Group of Women of Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre, in rural Eastern Uganda by improving their accessibility to relevant and up to date information. The group will be exposed to modern methods of individual and community development. The project will build internet connectivity using the 40 computers currently available in the Resource Centre's ICT Lab., organize sensitization workshops, seminars and visits to vocational institutions. This will enable them to perfect their handcraft work, farming, and other activities they have started.

Uganda: Grooming the Often Forgotten Generation of Young Entrepreneurs

  March 19, 2014

This project is about reaching out to youths in a local slum called `Katanga` who are somehow promising, but lack knowledge of doing business and are many times looked down upon. It will involve capturing success stories of youths who have made it in business, how they made it and recording these stories on You tube in the local language. These video success stories and tips will then be made available to the youths in the slum. The project will also train few youths in the slum on how to create group blogs to share business ideas. these will eventually train others to create blogs.

Uganda: NEMPI Project Promoting Underserved Women in Uganda.

  March 18, 2014

This project is intended to raise funds for the promotion of livelihoods of the undeserved women in Uganda communities.In Uganda many women are under served or underrepresented in their communities therefor this project has come up to promote their livelihoods but lack funds,technical and material assistance to motivate them fully.

Uganda: Business Women Platform

  March 18, 2014

The project will offer practical training to 20 chapter leaders of Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association (UWEAL) limited in the use of multimedia to share business stories of their members with the rest of the women in Uganda. In particular they will learn how to make and upload digital stories (photo, video, text and audio). They will practice how to interact online.

Uganda: Buluba Speaks

  March 18, 2014

“Buluba Speaks” is for Training lepers on how they can express themselves using podcasts. These podcasts will cover stories and explore ways of reuniting these people with their families and the community after conducting training workshops in live broadcasting, recording and editing of podcasts. We will then create an online site where all these stories will be posted and distributed to local radio stations and shared with the global community. Historically Lepers have been rejected by the community and therefore their voices need amplification using traditional and modern media.