Proposals Uganda

Uganda: Campaign Against Violation of Women Rights

  April 9, 2014

CARA intends to implement a 1 year project titled “Campaign against violation of women rights”in Kayunga District.The proposed project hopes to achieve the following; Improvement in the reported cases of violation of women rights, Reduction in violation cases against women, increased community awareness on dangers on violation of rights of women, CARA proposes to achieve the above outcomes through implementing different activities.The project will sensitize women on their human and civil rights through community dialogue meetings working with law enforcers, one no one dissemination of messages

Uganda: Advocacy for Social Action Through Photo-Images

  April 9, 2014

The project provides empowerment and practical for social action using technology for: Public Engagement- Training tools in; leadership, Research & Documentary photography so as to create a traveling exhibit for galleries, libraries, and other public spaces within the 5 Divisions of Kampala District to advocate for solutions to challenges facing youth in low-income slum communities in Kampala, and; Youth Empowerment-train participants in; ICT literacy, entrepreneurship skills development and digital image editing, help them use acquired skills competencies for empowerment.

Uganda: Amplifying Butiaba’s Community Voices

  April 9, 2014

Train 30 youth of Butiaba sub County as community internet usage trainers and user mobilisers in internet phone setting and facebook usage to be local community insperators as engines of citizen journalism. These shall popularize the use of facebook, recruit blog/groups users and inspire community issue reporting on oil, gas and youth voices in social, cultural and citizen issue amplification for action from the duty bearers at local and national level. It shall also increase the level of issue appreciation and link the community issues with action media as radios to amplify community voices

Uganda: Raising Voices of Disabled Youth

  April 9, 2014

This project is aimed at promoting the voices of disabled youth through online media. The project will train 20 youth between the age of 16-24 years on leadership skills and basic journalism skills. The youth will then take lead in writing their own stories to inspire, and advocate for their rights through social media. Their stories will be published on a blog that themselves will be in charge of updating. The stories will capture various issues at the community level that affects these disabled youth either directly or indirectly.

Uganda: Demystifying Cerebral Palsy through Social Media

  April 8, 2014

The project is about cerebral palsy (CP), which is an impairment which results from brain damage. For example, a person may face difficulties in walking, speaking, and making use of hands. In Uganda,there is negative perceptions of community members who do not belief that youths with CP can learn just like the able bodied ones. This limits the number of Youths with CP who are computer literate with the ability and access to internet. The project aims increasing participation of Youths with CP in the social media through trainings on how to use you tube, face book, twitter to tell life stories

Uganda: ICT for Talent Development and Improved Livelihoods

  April 7, 2014

Tell digital stories about issues important to the community. The objective is to contribute to project the voice & share stories with the world as a means to provide insight to the community, their challenges or successes, told from a uniquely personal perspective. Free and widely available citizen media tools and social media platforms will also be used. Stories on different pertinent issues identified will be told & shared electronically using different forms of media to include text, visuals, audios and videos- to include awards all towards peaceful co-existence & sustainable development.

Uganda: Citizen Engagement and Government Responsiveness Using ICTs

This project aims at deepening feedback and feedback mechanisms between the citizens and their local leaders in Oyam district, Northern Uganda.The project seek to encourage more active participation of citizens and local leaders on issues that affect service delivery within their respective communities. It will create awareness, build forum for discussions and provide appropriate channels for channeling community grievances and how these grievances get solved by their local leaders. Multi-stakholder dialogues will be held to discuss service delivery issues using a number of ICT platforms

Uganda: Lango Community Radio

  April 7, 2014

Lango community Radio shall help people air their views, communicate local international news; transmit relevant knowledge on rights, technology, practical issues like health and education, preserve the Lango culture in terms of music, art and norms; and link other communities to the Lango culture online as well as through the local radio networks.

Uganda: Increasing Aging Through a Healthy Environment

  April 6, 2014

:The population health is being affected by degradation of which the people are not aware. There is high rate of trees cutting, wetland use, game parks encroachment, chemical deposition and nosy, smoky environment in the town slummy area.Bad effect are, poor rainfall leading to food insecurity, poverty, diseases, conflict and violence. Implementation in stages are; mobilizing 40 groups from the village farmers and town slums, training on digital story telling skills to widening their problem visibility, digital video story recording, editing,translation and distribution on face book twitter.

Uganda: Promoting Women Rights

We are proposing to increase promote the rural women rights over land ownership and other properties that have been declined by most men due to gender inequalities practiced. We hope to incease women participation in making public decisions ,increased resouce utilisation. We plan to develop a comprehensive monitoring tool with specific indicators, however, success will roughly be measured using;-Broad casting new about women rights to land ,other properties over the radio stations, Training Journalists,Direct Community community meetings,Sharing ideas on face book.