· November, 2007

Stories about Nari Jibon from November, 2007

In the eye of the storm: Bangladeshi bloggers speak

  30 November 2007

Nari Jibon bloggers posted their reactions on the recent killer cyclone, Sidr, which devastated Bangladesh’s southern coastal regions. It claimed thousands of lives, displaced millions of people, and caused widespread damages to crops, trees, and livelihoods in many parts of the country including the capital, Dhaka. Read their first-hand accounts about the disaster, their resillience and relief efforts. Also read about their recent training on Video and digital camera and the participants reactions.

Latest from the Rising Voices Outreach Projects

  9 November 2007

In this update of the Rising Voices micro-grant projects we look at their progress including how the Bangladeshi female bloggers are providing a different view point and how the HiperBarrio project was represented at the Pop!Tech conference.