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Stories about Hiper-Barrio

19 May 2010

Rising Voices At The Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2010 In Santiago, Chile (Part 1)

The Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2010 took place earlier this month at Santiago Public Library in the capital of Chile. Over 200 people from 60 countries attended the summit,...

27 April 2010

Featured Blogger: Yesenia Corrales

For the past three years, the Medellín-based project HiperBarrio project has focused on shining a light on different neighborhoods around the city. However, it has been the hard work of...

7 April 2010

Hiperbarrio Expands To Three New Libraries In Medellin

According to an agreement between the EPM Foundation Network and HiperBarrio from Colombia, activities in 3 new communities in 3 libraries of Medellín (Villatina, La Esperanza and EPM) were started....

3 March 2010

HiperBarrio: Recording Daily Lives And Sharing With The World

Hiperbarrio members continue to record their cultures and daily lives in Medellin, Colombia with pictures, videos and texts and share them with the world using their blogs. They highlight the...

10 February 2010

Featured Blogger: Nora Catalina Urquijo

Back in 2005, Nora Catalina Urquijo already had a blog on MSN Live Spaces, but says about her early days blogging, “what I didn't know was the power that a...

4 February 2010

HiperBarrio Is Now A ‘Nonprofit Corporation’

Hiperbarrio, the Rising Voices grantee from Colombia has achieved a new feat. After going through many bureaucratic hurdles Hiperbarrio got its legal identity- it is now a nonprofit corporation. This...

20 January 2010

Talented Women Bloggers Present Abroad

A pair of talented women bloggers from the Rising Voices community were invited to present their work at international conferences. Catalina Restrepo presented at a BarCamp in Santa Cruz, Bolivia...

14 January 2010

Hiperbarrio: The Balloon Festival Of La Loma

The citizen journalists of the Rising Voices grantee Hiperbarrio posted some photos and videos of the Balloon festival of La Loma (Festival de globos de La Loma 2010). The event...

29 December 2009

Hip-Hop as Cosmpolitan Citizen Media

Seeking greater social inclusion through new communication technologies is a strategy with a long and accomplished history that has persisted through waves of new inventions including the telegraph, radio, television,...

5 December 2009

HiperBarrio Maps San Javier La Loma with Open Street Maps

Led by two passionate open source enthusiasts, Fredy Rivera and Elkin Botero, the members of the HiperBarrio collective of youth citizen journalists in Medellín, Colombia have created the first freely...

7 November 2009

Hiperbarrio: Dealing With Crimes And Searching For Soul

The Public Pilot Library of Medellín, Colombia at the La Loma was robbed last month and it shocked the local residents. The community expressed their rejection to this criminal act....

26 October 2009

Colombia: Solidarity With Hiperbarrio After Library Robbery

After a robbery of the La Loma Library in Medellín, Colombia, the home of the Hiperbarrio citizen media project, an outpouring of support and solidarity was sent from around the...

24 September 2009

[Video] Does New Media Outreach Lead to Westernization?

It is always easier to criticize than to get involved and one of the criticisms we hear most often at Rising Voices is that helping under-represented communities join the online...