Dizha Kieru

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Dizha Kieru (“Our Voice” in the Zapotec language) is a local community radio station located in the indigenous Zapotec village of Talea de Castro that sits in the Juarez mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. The town owns and operates its own GSM mobile network that provides low-cost cellular service to the approximately 2,500 residents. The radio station, together with the organization Rhizomatica, will train local residents to become community news gatherers through in-person reporting or through collection via SMS or phone calls from citizens. The Dizha Kieru team, who run both the radio and GSM base-station will collect, synthesize, format, and send out the news reports to residents twice a day via mass SMS and posted online for emigrants living abroad via Twitter. The community mobile network will help reduce the costs for this form of news gathering and distribution, and can help enrich the dialogue between those in the community and the diaspora.


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