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Women working as daily or informal laborers in the Minya Governorate in Upper Egypt face many difficulties and obstacles. For one, these women, who work in agricultural, domestic, or manual labor jobs, often do not enjoy the benefits and legal protections of those workers with regular employment. They are often prone to wage disputes, discrimination, and higher levels of poverty.

There are NGOs working in Minya, who provide literacy classes, job-skills training, and counseling for this population of women. The New Woman Foundation aims to add citizen media training to the services offered to the women, as a way to raise awareness of their status and to be a first step towards increased advocacy for these women and thousands of others just like them.

Nevin Ebeid, who has worked extensively with this rural population and has conducted academic research on their situation, will lead a series of workshops, where she will show a group of these women, how to tell their stories using digital citizen media tools. In addition to the workshops, a conference will be held for the community, where the women can showcase their work and tell others about their lives as daily and informal laborers.

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