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The topics of gender equality, sexual diversity, appropriate male/female interactions, and other related topics are often taboo subjects in Egypt. Some hold the opinion that these topics are best left to be spoken about in private, if at all. Nevertheless, this subject matter is of importance to many other Egyptians, who feel that there is a need to discuss these topics because they affect their daily lives. Mozn Hassan, Doaa Abdelaal, Ramy Raoof, Fatma Emam, and Bassam Mortada, team members of Nazra aim to provide a safe place for women and men to discuss these issues, and for them, there is no better place to address these topics freely and frankly, than through the use of blogs and online forums.

This team will lead the project Tankeeb fil Tabohaat, which means “Exploring Taboos”, by holding a series of discussions to help identify Egyptians interested in writing about these topics in online spaces. With the help and support of experienced Egyptian bloggers, the members of Nazra will teach Egyptians how they can express their thoughts and feelings on these subjects and hold meaningful conversations with others, while maintaining their privacy if needed.

The hope is that these conversations will open the doors for others from Egyptian society to join in these conversations and lower the stigma of discussing these issues with one another, and in addition, can provide safe spaces to share experiences and knowledge on these topics.

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