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In 1992, a powerful earthquake hit the city of Cairo, in which 370 lost their lives, many more left injured, and even more were left displaced. Out of that tragedy, thousands of residents picked up and started over, settling in an area which is now the neighborhood of Masaken Alzelzal – Alhadba Alwosta (which can roughly be translated to Earthquake Neighborhood), located near the prominent Mokattam mountain. Now, it is a bustling suburb of the Egyptian capital with a growing population.

This colorful neighborhood is plagued by the usual societal problems of many large metropolitan areas, such as a lack of job opportunities and struggles to obtain basic services. However, there is much more to this neighborhood than meets the eye, and the project Mokattam Blog Tales will work with teenagers of the area to tell the story of their community.

Nesma Geiwely of the Namaa Initiative will partner with the NGO Alwan & Awtar, who will show the youth in the area how they can use citizen media tools like digital cameras, video cameras, and blogs to use their creative talents in the performing arts to express themselves. In addition to capturing the essence of daily life in Mokattam, the youth will interview local residents and show a different side of life in this Cairo suburb.

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