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Cabelo Seco, Marabá, Brazil – Joined Rising Voices in 2014

6M5A1615-copy-800x533Since 2011, young artists from the project “Gathering Rivers” located in the Afro-indigenous community of Cabelo Seco situated between the Tocantins and Itaciúnas rivers have been producing a rich variety of creative content about the realities of their surroundings. Despite a high-degree of social marginalization, poverty, and drug-related violence, the community of Cabelo Seco reflects solidarity, cooperation, and a colorful popular culture, which has been passed on by generations. The project is creating an online/offline radio station to help capture the richness of this popular culture through the production of radio theater, local interviews, debates, home remedies, and citizen journalism, all produced by a team of youth participants using free software tools and shared through social networks.

Here is an example of one of the radio clips:

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