· October, 2009

Stories about Feature from October, 2009

FOKO: Meet The Bloggers

  27 October 2009

Since January 2009 FOKO, the Rising Voices grantee from Madagascar, has been posting a series of interviews with its bloggers celebrating their first anniversary of blogging. Let us meet through these interviews some of the enthusiastic and brilliant Malagasy Bloggers who are driving the success of the FOKO blog Club.

Drop-In Center: Building a Movement

  26 October 2009

A conference in early October brought together people living with drug addictions from 25 regions of Ukraine. Together they identified obstacles and strengthened their community.

[Video] Interview with Amadou M. Ba of AllAfrica.com

  10 October 2009

Amadou M. Ba is the co-founder and president of AllAfrica.com, the largest online aggregator and distributor of news from Sub-Saharan Africa in English and French. Amadou tells us about the history of AllAfrica.com, the major challenges facing African leaders in the media sector, and how funders can most effectively support a vibrant media space in Africa.

Romanian Hospice Uses Digital Media to Spread Awareness and Preserve History

  9 October 2009

Tomorrow marks World Hospice and Palliative Care Day. With very few exceptions, mainstream media has shown no interest in reporting on the rights and realities of individuals who live with life-threatening illnesses. Rather than relying on traditional media to pick up the cause, hospices and individuals around the world are encouraged to submit their own stories using digital media.

Drop-In Center: The Anti-Methadone Backlash

  7 October 2009

Pavel Kutsev, a leader of the harm reduction movement in Ukraine, writes about a war against substitution therapy programs, which includes banning methadone programs in municipal hospitals, anti-methadone campaigns in the mass media and police searches of methadone sites.

Blogging the Dream: Mental Health and Healthy Communities

  2 October 2009

Here in Câmpulung Moldovenesc, a small city in northeastern Romania along the banks of the Moldova River, a group of inspiring activists would rather focus on their mental health than mental illness. They advocate for a community-based approach which integrates mental health service users into society, rather than the usual segregation and stigmatization. "Be interested and understanding with your neighbor," the homepage of their website declares, "do not ignore him, do not fear him, help."