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· March, 2010

Stories about Feature from March, 2010

31 March 2010

Blogging Since Infancy: Award Winning XO Bloggers – Part 2

In December, 2009 we reported that the Rising Voices grantee OLPC Uruguay (Blogging Since Infancy) co-sponsored and supported the first ever national school Blogging contest for students in Uruguay who...

29 March 2010

Blogging The Dream: Breaking The Taboo About Mental Disorder

The metal health service users of the the Orizonturi Foundation’s Blogging The Dream Project in Campulung Moldovenesc, Romania continue to write about their personal life stories, experiences, challenges, interactions within...

26 March 2010

Nomad Green: Air Pollution In Winter In Mongolia

Mongolians are having a tough winter this year and the air pollution from the heating stoves and coal burnings in factories is causing more problems. The citizen journalists from Nomad...

24 March 2010

Featured Blogger: Edgar Andres Yana Lisme

“I want to make my province known” asserts blogger Edgar Andres Yana Lisme, who lives in Chaguaya village in the Camacho province of Bolivia. In January 2008 Edgar joined a...

15 March 2010

Ceasefire Liberia: Reporting The Lofa Crisis

Liberia has recently seen some more violence as one young girl was killed and 4 more were killed in retaliation in the Lofa county situated in North of Liberia. Violence...

12 March 2010

REPACTED: Mr. And Mrs. Red Ribbon Pageant And Prison Outreach

Last November the Mr. and Miss red ribbon pageant was held in Nakuru, Kenya in an effort to eradicate stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS. REPACTED is working...

8 March 2010

Featured Blogger: Getutza

Getutza admits that she is a timid person. However, she has discovered that blogging has helped her overcome this shyness thanks to her participation in the Blogging the Dream project...

7 March 2010

FOKO: The Power Of Storytelling

Internet is becoming a threat to the authoritarian regime in Madagascar because citizen journalists are voicing their opinions and publishing what they see or hear. The power of storytelling of...

3 March 2010

HiperBarrio: Recording Daily Lives And Sharing With The World

Hiperbarrio members continue to record their cultures and daily lives in Medellin, Colombia with pictures, videos and texts and share them with the world using their blogs. They highlight the...