· April, 2011

Stories about Feature from April, 2011

Blogging Positively: Maurine and Her Activism with Repacted

  27 April 2011

Longtime Rising Voices grantee Repacted from Nakuru, Kenya continues its work in surrounding communities using magnet theater as a way to engage the community, and youth especially, through dramatic interpretations that present real-life situations involving health issues such as HIV/AIDS and TB. One of these team members, Maurine, was recently interviewed about her work and how Repacted has helped her tell her story.

Ukraine: Blogging about Dreams

  27 April 2011

Following the training on the use of citizen media, Activists of the Association of Substitution Treatment Advocates of Ukraine believe that blogging can be an important tool in advocating the rights of the patients, and also as an outlet to write about their personal hopes and dreams.

Blogging Positively Guide Now Available in Swahili

  21 April 2011

Rising Voices is pleased to announce that our Blogging Positively Guide is now available in the Swahili Language, thanks to the efforts of Collins Oduor from the grantee project Repacted, with special contributions by Deogratis Simba from Global Voices in Swahili.

Exploring Taboos: Documenting Stories From The Revolution

  20 April 2011

Egypt is going through turbulent times especially since the January 25 revolution. The Rising Voices Grantee from Egypt - Exploring Taboos project has completed its third round of workshops during 15-17 March, 2011. It was basically a story telling workshop by both genders and people of different sexual orientations on the revolution and about documenting these stories.

Nomad Green: Essay Competition On Air Pollution

  17 April 2011

Nomad Green, the Rising Voices grantee from Mongolia encourages citizen journalists to report about the degradation of environment in the country. From 1st of January 2011 Nomad Green launched an essay competition to reward the deserving citizen journalist and contributors. There are five winners of the essay competition in the first two months which had the theme - ‘Air pollution’.

Ukraine: Harm Reduction Activists Improve Storytelling Skills

  17 April 2011

In March 2011, patients of substitution therapy programs took part in a training event ‘We are Media’ in the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk. The citizen media training taught the patients how to use blogs and digital storytelling to share their experiences with harm reduction programs.

Announcing the Newest Rising Voices Grantees

  3 April 2011

Rising Voices is pleased to announce the five newest members to join its global community of citizen media grantees. Each of the selected projects will receive microgrants to implement their proposed project to teach others how to use various citizen media tools. Please join RV in congratulating and welcoming the five projects from the countries of Guinea-Bissau, Greece, Brazil, India, and Mali.